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Product Detail
TBW-60Z microcomputer control automatic cupping test machine 
Model: TBW-60Z
Weight: 260Kg
Working power supply: AC220V
Product Details


First, the device name: microcomputer control automatic cupping test machine

Second, model: TBW-60Z

Third, the performance description:

1. The cupping test machine adopts a new structural principle, which is used for constant speed loading of the servo motor, and can realize constant rate control. The stamping process is controlled by a computer machine, and the punching speed can be steplessly regulated and pre-set.

2. The clamping force is loaded by the servo motor with constant force, the clamping force can be adjusted, the data is synchronously displayed, and it can be independently calibrated.

3. The punching force and the clamping force are both spoke-type sensors. The measurement of the cupping value is the measurement of the grating scale. Combined with the spoke type sensor (direct force measurement), the accuracy and reliability of the cupping value of the testing machine are greatly improved.

4. The cup protrusion fixture is easy to replace, and the sample loading and unloading is simple. After the sample is placed, press the “test” button to complete the whole test process. The stamping process is fully automatic with one button and no one is affected. It can realize closed-loop control. The pressure value is reduced to judge the crack of the sample to stop automatically. At the same time, it is easy to observe the test process and can more accurately judge the cupping value at the moment of crack occurrence. The test data is displayed by the computer and has a peak memory function, that is, maximum punching pressure, cupping value, etc., and storage of test results can be realized.

5. Configure the light source detection system for the naked eye to observe the light transmission of the tested sample.

Fourth, the main technical indicators:

1. Maximum test thickness: standard cup test 0. 02~2mm

2, the maximum width of the board: 90-100mm;

3, the maximum stroke of the punch, 60mm;

4, the maximum cup load 60kNmax;

5, the maximum clamping load 10kN; (adjustable)

6, digital display resolution: 0.01mm;

7. Test force measurement accuracy: ±1%;

8, deformation accuracy: ± 0.5%;

9, test speed: 0.05mm / min -200mm / min (speed adjustable);

10, cup extrusion test mold specifications:

       ●Standard punch ball: φ20±0.05mm

       ● Standard pad mold aperture: φ33 ± 0.1mm

       ● Standard fixed mode aperture: φ27±0.05mm

  Two sets of cup molds can be selected

11, computer display content: clamping load, pressure, displacement and cup value, rate, test curve, etc.;

12. Control mode: computer control realizes the test process;

14. Dimensions: 780×780×1100 (mm);

15, the power supply AC220V;

16, weight 260Kg.

Fifth, the main configuration:

1, the host one

2. A set of cup test molds:

       ●Standard punch ball: φ20±0.05mm

       ● Standard pad mold aperture: φ33 ± 0.1mm

       ● Standard fixed mode aperture: φ27±0.05mm

3, Lenovo computer set (with 19-inch LCD monitor)

4, HP printer one

5, Taiqin spoke type sensor two

6, a grating ruler

7, a set of special measurement and control software

6. After-sales service:

1. Our company's products implement “three guarantees of quality”, with a quality guarantee period of one year and lifetime service. Responsible for failures due to design, manufacturing, process or material defects during the warranty period, and repair and replace defective parts or complete machines for free.

2. After the expiration of the warranty period, we will provide the warranty service at a preferential price, and the replacement parts will only be charged for the cost.

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